Using The Villages®App

Searching Locations

To find a location, you may either use the "Search" function to type in a keyword, or use the "Browse" tab find locations listed by category.

To search, tap "Search" from the home screen. In the available search box, type in a keyword such as location name, shopping plaza name, or street address.

A residential address may be searched by clicking the "Residential" tab on the "Search" screen. Simply start typing the address to find a match. You will then be able to save or navigate to the selected residential address.

Browsing Locations

To find non-residential locations, you may browse a list of categorized locations by tapping the "Browse" option from the home screen and then choosing a main category from the browse screen.

Choosing a main category displays an alphabetical list of locations within the category.

Some location categories will have the option to filter the location listing. To filter, tap on theFilter Locations By…button and a list of filters will be displayed. Tap a filter to narrow down the location list.

You may also use the search box at the top of each location list to search by keyword with the selected category.

Saving Favorite Locations

Favorite locations can be saved by tapping on any location within a list, bringing up the location detail screen. On the location detail screen, click "Save to Favorites" and the heart icon will turn red to confirm your save.

Optionally, you may also go directly to the "Favorites" screen and tap on "Add New Favorite". You will then have the option to type in a street address or browse the list of locations.

To remove a location from "Favorites", within the "Favorites" tab tap the location you would like to un-favorite and tap "Location Saved to Favorites." The heart icon should turn from red to black.

Navigating to a Location

Once you have found your location of choice, either through the "Search" or "Browse" tabs, you will have options for "Car Directions" or "Golf Car Directions". Tap on one of these options to go to the navigation map.

On the navigation map, you will be viewing the route from your current location to the selected location.

Tapping the "Start" button on the bottom menu will begin the process of tracking your current location. Once tapped, the "Start" button will change to "Pause". Tapping Pause will temporarily stop the tracking process and allow you to navigate the map manually. Tap Resume to continue navigating.

If at any time you get off of the suggested route, simply tap "Reroute" to recalculate the route from your current location.

Tap the "Directions" button to view text display of the selected route.

Finding Nearby Locations

The "Nearby" menu works by finding locations within one mile of your current location. Tapping "Nearby" from the main menu first pins your current location on the map. You can then explore the area around you on the map by zooming in and out.

If you would like to pin-point specific types of locations, such as "dining" or "doctor's offices," tap the "Location Categories" button on the menu at the bottom of the secreen. Selecting your category of choice will reveal pin-pointed locations on the map. Tapping on any of these will provide additional information, like the phone number and navigation options, for the location. To switch to a list view of nearby locations, tap the "List View" icon on the top of the map view.

If you lose track of your current location, simply click "Find Me" to re-center the map on you current location.

Using the Calendar

To view all of the events and activities available in The Villages, first tap on the "Calendar" menu item. A full list of events will be listed in chronological order.

You can search for events by keyword by typing in the search box provided at the top of the event list.

Along the bottom of the screen, you have options to filter events by When, Where and Type. Tapping a filter category and making a selection automatically refreshes the list. Underneath the search box you will see a text representation of your select filters. Tap "Reset" to clear all filters and view all events.

To view and event detail, tap on the event in the list view. The event detail screen gives you more detailed information about the event including the event location. Tapping the event location on the event detail brings you to that location’s detail page where you can then get directions.