Championship Golf

(from The Villages LIFESTYLE magazine - fall 2003, page 20)

This is the best advice to keep in mind if you are playing any of the three nine-hole tracks at Glenview Champions Country Club. The 137 bunkers define Glenview, but they are only one feature of this tough, eye-catching layout.

The designers of Glenview (Clifton, Ezell & Clifton) brought a scenic, yet treacherous course for golfers of all skills. It is a placement type golf course. The numerous fairway bunkers require that tee shots be precise.

"You have to plan your tee shots. Besides all the bunkers, there is plenty of water to watch out for as well," said Thore.

There are 27 holes of championship golf at Glenview. Talley Ho, Fox Run and Stirrup Cup are the three nine-hole tracks They are all similar in setup yet subtly different in difficulty.

"Stirrup Cup is definitely the toughest of the three," said Todd Basso, the PGA Professional at Glenview. "Fox Run is one of the more scenic courses in The Villages."

Several Senior PGA Pros served as design consultants for each of the three courses as well. Hubert Green did Talley Ho, Tommy Aaron on Stirrup Cup and John Mahaffey did Fox Run. Glenview is also the second-newest club in The Villages - only the Nancy Lopez Legacy opened later. But when it comes to facilities, Glenview is second to none.

"In addition to the courses, we have some very nice practice facilities," said Basso "We have one of the few land-only ranges in the area, two nice putting and chipping greens."

Of course there is a fully stocked pro shop. After the round, golfers can enjoy a relaxing meal in the restaurant upstairs.

Ask anyone who has played Glenview - the responses are the same.

"It's the hardest of the clubs in the area," said Bob Donarski, a Glenview member for nearly two and a half years. "I think Talley Ho is the easiest nine while Fox Run is the hardest. Overall, Glenview is tough but very fair."

Fox Run in particular is known not only for its difficulty, but its scenic value, as well.

"Holes two through seven are the most scenic holes at Glenview," said Basso. "On a few of them you can view the entire Villages area."

The Glenview experience can best be summed up as a challenging round of golf on a well conditioned, beautiful and diverse layout.

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