New Course Gets Rave Reviews

(from The Villages LIFESTYLE magazine, fall 2002, page 36)

Looking around The Villages, there isn't a shortage of quality championship golf courses.

However, with LPGA Hall of Famer Nancy Lopez putting her personal stamp on the newest course that bears her name, the excitement level has increased dramatically. As golfers make their way to the stunning clubhouse after a round on "Nancy's course," there is a special tone used when speaking of both the links and the designer.

"I love this course - it's a great course and I'm just happy that Nancy had something to do with this," Rochester, N.Y. native Vonnie Martin said. "This course is a little different from the others. There are a few more little valleys and a little more water. But, it's a fair course and I like it very much. I intend on coming back and doing much better."

Lopez has been a staple in The Villages during the past few years and has been very involved in putting her signature on the course.

But it's tough for the pro to choose any particular signature holes.

"There are so many of them that it's tough to narrow it down," Greulach said. "But the par 3s stand out and there are a couple of par 4s, including the No. 6 on Ashley Meadows, which has a great view. You're up high on the elevated tee hitting down into the valley below - it's an absolutely beautiful hole.

"The No. 6 on Erinn Glen is another hole that may end up being one of the most picturesque holes out there. But, it's a great golf course all around."

And Lopez recognizes The Villages for the emphasis on golf, which added to her desire to put her inaugural design stamp on this course.

"The demand here for golf is great," Lopez said. "People come to The Villages in the latter part of their lives to play golf and have fun. Golf is a sport you can play for a long time and enjoy it."

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