Making the Turn

(from The Villages LIFESTYLE magazine, fall 2002, page 33)

While making the turn on the Lopez loop, resident golfers are more than happy to heap praise on the ground breaking accomplishment that is the newest golfing jewel of The Villages.

Residents Marv and Mary Wolfgang were only through nine holes of golf on the new Lopez course, but that was plenty of time for a good impression. The husband and wife tandem were taken with the new spread.

"So far, we like it a lot," Marv said after putting out on No. 6. "It's a little different than the rest of the courses and it's an interesting course. You have some oak trees strategically located to make second shots interesting. But, you're playing the course in the end - it doesn't matter if it was designed by a man or a woman."

"She's (Lopez) been around a long time and she's a great golfer. We enjoy being able to play a golf course that was designed by someone well-known."

Mary was a little more emphatic about her experience on the Lopez-designed gem.

"It's a beautiful course, and it just feels like such an honor to be here and play on a course designed by Nancy Lopez," she said. "I like the design and it's a fun course to play. It's very challenging and I'm looking forward to playing it many, many times. I've never been on a course that's been designed by a woman before, but I haven't noticed too many differences."

Lopez has certainly left her mark here in The Villages, both with appearances and the 27 holes of golf she designed in Florida's Friendliest Hometown.

Greulach sees the influence and presence of one of the LPGA's biggest stars as a tremendous bonus for the state of golf in The Villages.

"I think Nancy's involvement means a lot. It's a new niche for us and I think it's going to be great," Greulach said of the LPGA legend. "I think she's going to be very involved with the course as well. I think she'll come into town quite often. She'll get involved in the clinics and just make appearances, and I think that's going to be very special."

And the pro also feels that this course is a very versatile one.

"The course is as challenging as you want it to be," the golf operations manager said. "We have five sets of tees, not gender related, so you can play any of the five sets of tees you like. That's going to increase the difficulty of the course, and if we want to set it up for a tournament - we can set it up hard."

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