Katie Belle’s Dining & Entertainment Club

When Katie Belle Van Patten and her husband, John Decker, first opened their restaurant back in 1851, they wanted their guests to be treated to a great meal and toe-tapping entertainment. Today, that tradition is alive and well. Step inside the renovated Van Patten House, and be taken back to a time when the music was swinging, and the food and drink were plentiful! Experience Katie Belle’s, a tradition in The Villages® Community for nearly twenty years!

Whether you are looking for a delicious dinner and live entertainment, or a quieter and more intimate setting, Katie Belle’s is the place to be! Katie Belle’s offers a wide variety of nightly live entertainment that will keep you coming back for more. Enjoy a great view of the stage from ‘The Theatre”, our elevated lounge area, or relax at your table in the dining room as you take in the sights and sounds of Katie Belle’s.

Visit the Katie Belle’s website at katiebellesthevillages.com to purchase tickets and find detailed information.